1.An author who wishes to publish an article in a journal must submit the article by e-mail Vest_econom@enu.kz in Word format. And you also need to provide the cover letter of the author(s).

Language of publications: Kazakh, Russian, English.

2.The volume of the article should not exceed 18 pages (from 6 pages).

3.Structure of the article (page – A4 format, portrait orientation, page margins on all sides - 20 mm. Font: type - Times New Roman, font size - 14)

GRNTIhttp://grnti.ru/ - first line, left

Initials and Surname of the author (s) - center alignment, italics

Full name of the organization, city, country (if the authors work in different organizations, you need to put the same icon next to the name of the author and the corresponding organization) - center alignment, italics

Author's e-mail (s)- in brackets, italics

Article title - center alignment,bold

Abstract (100-200 words, it should not contain a formula, the article title should not repeat in the content, it should not contain bibliographic references, it should reflect the summary of the article, preserving the structure of the article - introduction, problem statement, goals, history, research methods, results /discussion, conclusion).

Key words (6-8 words/word combination. Keywords should reflect the main content of the article, use terms from the article, as well as terms that define the subject area and include other important concepts that make it easier and more convenient to find the article using the information retrieval system).

The main text of the article should contain an introduction, problem statement, goals, history, research methods, results / discussion, conclusion - line spacing - 1, indent of the "red line" -1.25 cm, alignment in width.

Tables, figures should be placed after the mention. Each illustration should be followed by an inscription. Figures should be clear, clean, not scanned.

In the article, only those formulas are numbered, to which the text has references.

All abbreviations, with the exception of those known to be generally known, must be deciphered when first used in the text.

Information on the financial support of the article is indicated on the first page in the form of a footnote.


In the text references are indicated in square brackets. References should be numbered strictly in the order of the mention in the text. The first reference in the text to the literature should have the number [1], the second - [2], etc. The reference to the book in the main text of the article should be accompanied by an indication of the pages used (for example, [1, 45 p.]). References to unpublished works are not allowed. Unreasonable references to unreviewed publications (examples of the description of the list of literature, descriptions of the list of literature in English, see below in the sample of article design).

At the end of the article, after the list of references, it is necessary to indicate bibliographic data in Russian and English (if the article is in Kazakh), in Kazakh and English (if the article is in Russian) and in Russian and Kazakh languages (if the article is English language).

Information about authors: surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, position, place of work, full work address, telephone, e-mail - in Kazakh, Russian and English.

4. The article must be carefully verified. Articles that do not meet technical requirements will be returned for revision. Returning for revision does not mean that the article has been accepted for publication.

5. Work with electronic proofreading. Articles received by the Department of Scientific Publications (editorial office) are sent to anonymous review. All reviews of the article are sent to the author. The authors must send the proof of the article within three days. Articles that receive a negative review for a second review are not accepted. Corrected versions of articles and the author's response to the reviewer are sent to the editorial office. Articles that have positive reviews are submitted to the editorial boards of the journal for discussion and approval for publication.

Periodicity of the journal: 4 times a year.

6. Payment. Authors who have received a positive conclusion for publication should make payment on the following requisites (for ENU employees - 4,500 tenge, for outside organizations - 5,500 tenge):

Requisites (options):

1) РГП ПХВ «Евразийский национальный университет имени Л.Н. Гумилева МОН РК

АО “Банк ЦентрКредит”


ИИК: KZ978562203105747338 (KZT)

Кнп 859

Кбе 16

«За публикацию в Вестник ЕНУ ФИО автора»

2) РГП ПХВ «Евразийский национальный университет имени Л.Н. Гумилева МОН РК

АО “Bank RBK”


ИИК: KZ498210439858161073 (KZT)

Кнп 859

Кбе 16

«За публикацию в Вестник ЕНУ ФИО автора»

3) РГП ПХВ «Евразийский национальный университет имени Л.Н. Гумилева МОН РК

АО «НародныйБанкКазахстан»


ИИК: KZ946010111000382181

Кнп 859

Кбе 16

«За публикацию в Вестник ЕНУ ФИО автора»