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1Problems of Intensive Development of Agriculture of Aktobe Region10.32523/2079-620X-2018-3-8-18
  • Yesbergen R. A.
  • Aman K.

2018 NUMBER 3
2 Market barometer. The methods of market analysis with the use of market indicators10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-19-23
  • Myrzakhmet M. K.
  • Yerniyazov T. N.

2018 NUMBER 3
3The influence of the shadow economy on the dynamics of indicators of the regional socioeconomic development of Kazakhstan10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-24-27
  • Yerumbayev A. T.

2018 NUMBER 3
4Development of public - private partnership in the social sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-28-32
  • Meldesh D. E.

2018 NUMBER 3
5Foreign Experience of the State Environmental Audit10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-33-38
  • Zhupysheva A. O.
  • Makysh S. B.

2018 NUMBER 3
6Impact of travel obstacles on the development of accessible tourism in Kazakhstan10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-39-44
  • Kenzhebayeva A.

2018 NUMBER 3
7The use of digital technologies in tourism industry and services 10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-45-49
  • Seidualin D. A.
  • Maulen M. G.

2018 NUMBER 3
8Cluster-based policy tourism development at the regional level10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-50-55
  • Syzdykbayeva B. U.
  • Raimbekov Z. S.

2018 NUMBER 3
9Modeling the financial pyramid through the Mathcad10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-56-62
  • Mukushev A. B.
  • Esenova G. Z.
  • Dosaliev B. A.
  • Mukushev S. B.
  • Adilbekova B. A.

2018 NUMBER 3
10Leadership potential of Russian youth: an inside and outside look10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-63-73
  • Vasilyeva O. A.
  • Yampolskaya D. O.
  • Turusin D. I.

2018 NUMBER 3
11 Problems of Anti-Crisis Management of the Enterprise10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-74-79
  • Kuangalieva T. K.
  • Amalbek G. K.

2018 NUMBER 3
12Development of the petrochemical industry as a promising area of the oil industry10.32523/ 2079-620Х-2018-3-80-86
  • Nogaibayev M. A.

2018 NUMBER 3