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1Level of education in assessing the tendency and propensity to migrate among the population of Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-11-23
  • Kudebayeva A. K.
  • Pech G.
  • Akebayev D.
2021 NUMBER 4
2The impact of investments on the dynamics and quality of economic growth in Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-24-39
  • Zhanakova N. N.
  • Alpysbayeva S. N.
  • Tautenov Y. I.
2021 NUMBER 4
3Diversification of logistics business in the field of E-commerce in Kazakhstan: constrains analysis10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-40-54
  • Zhameshova A.
  • Akhmetova Z.
2021 NUMBER 4
4Trends in the development of the national economy in the context of a pandemic10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-55-63
  • Bakirbekova A.
  • Baktymbet A. S.
  • Baktymbet S. S.
2021 NUMBER 4
5Economic efficiency of the implementation of youth policy in Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-64-78
  • Jakupova D.
2021 NUMBER 4
6Analysis of technological development of the manufacturing industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-79-91
  • Shalbolova U. Z.
  • Myrzakhmet M.
2021 NUMBER 4
7Creative Economy: World Experience and Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-92-102
  • Ongdash A. O.
  • Sadykova E. G.
2021 NUMBER 4
8Analysis and evaluation of the innovative activity of the West Kazakhstan region on the basis of the innovative development index10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-103-114
  • Tolepov A. Y.
  • Maydirova A.
2021 NUMBER 4
9The concept, functions, and features of rural territories as an object of management10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-115-127
  • Borbasova Z. N.
  • Nessipbayev R. E.
  • Ulakov S.
2021 NUMBER 4
10E-commerce in modern conditions in Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-128-135
  • Malenko K. V.
  • Kurmanalina A. A.
  • Semenikhin V. V.
2021 NUMBER 4
11Poland’s experience in the formation and management of a green economy10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-136-145
  • Makysh S.
  • Lunevski S.
  • Lunevski A.
2021 NUMBER 4
12Influence of brand image and price on purchase decision on foreign clothing companies among working adults in Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-146-161
2021 NUMBER 4
13Experience in integrating deposit insurance systems in the EU countries10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-162-171
  • Ischuk T.
  • Vorobieva S.
2021 NUMBER 4
14Analysis of agricultural investment in the East Kazakhstan region: problems and prospects10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-172-180
  • Yesenova G. Z.
  • Yessenova G. Z.
  • Kazhieva Z.
2021 NUMBER 4
15Prospects and opportunities for the development of Islamic finance in Kazakhstan: opening Islamic windows10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-181-192
  • Makysh S.
  • Kurash N. P.
  • Kantoroeva G. K.
2021 NUMBER 4
16Measures of the state financial support for small and mediumsized agribusiness entities during the COVID-19 pandem10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-193-201
  • Misnik O.
  • Kuchukova N. K.
  • Mussina R. S.
2021 NUMBER 4
17The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate sector of Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-202-213
  • Mataibayeva G. A.
  • Tokenova S. M.
  • Makysh S.
2021 NUMBER 4
18An external state audit of the effectiveness of the use of budgetary funds aimed at ensuring food security of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-214-221
  • Karabayev E.
  • Spatayeva S.
  • Nikiforova E.
2021 NUMBER 4
19State efficiency audit of the use of the assets of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-222-233
  • Tazhikenova S.
  • Serikova M. A.
  • Bekbusinovа G.
2021 NUMBER 4
20Neuromarketing study on Travel Provider Advertising10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-234-241
  • Smykova M. R.
  • Kazybayeva A. M.
  • Sokhatskaya N. P.
2021 NUMBER 4
21The modern approach to the system of search and selection of personnel in the tourism industry of Kazakhstan10.32523/2789-4320-2021-4-242-253
  • Pestova A. A.
  • Imangulova T.
  • Gubarenko A.
2021 NUMBER 4