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1 Problems and prospects of development of Kazakhstan’s economy.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-8-13
  • Sattarov A. C.

2018 NUMBER 4
2The Deregulation of the Economy and Business Development in Kazakhstan.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-14-20
  • Toregozhina M. B.

2018 NUMBER 4
3Employee Benefits in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-21-29
  • Akimova B. Z.
  • Amanova G. D.
  • Abdalova E. B.

2018 NUMBER 4
4Problems of Functioning and Prospects of Development of the Competitive Mechanism of Public Procurement in Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-30-36
  • Reydolda S.

2018 NUMBER 4
5Theoretical aspects of innovation activity in tourism10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-37-44
  • Barlykov E. K.
  • Tukibayeva K. B.
  • Maulen M. G.

2018 NUMBER 4
6Prospects for the Development of Rural Tourism in the Western Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-45-49
  • Mutaliyeva L. M.
  • Edil G. A.

2018 NUMBER 4
7 State policy in the development of cultural and historical tourism10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-50-58
  • Seidualin D. A.
  • Temiraliyeva N. B.

2018 NUMBER 4
8 The Main Measures of Modernization the Financial Sector of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-59-64
  • Kerimbek G. E.
  • Orynbek D. D.
  • Mizanova A. B.

2018 NUMBER 4
9Special Aspects of Agricultural Insurance in Russia10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-65-72
  • Kontsevaya S. R.

2018 NUMBER 4
10Innovative Directions of Machine Building Development in Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-73-78
  • Mukhametzhanova D. T.
  • Bakirbekova A. M.

2018 NUMBER 4
11Retail sales of oil products in Kazakhstan: key players, prices, problems10.32523/2079-620X-2018-4-79-85
  • Nogaibayev M. A.

2018 NUMBER 4