Problems of demographic studies in Kazakhstan

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  • F. Kuanganov Astana International Scientific Complex



demographic policy, economic demography, demographic research in Kazakhstan, Generation Fund, Gary Becker's economic theory of fertility, human capital development


The article provides a scientific overview of the development of demography in Kazakhstan.
The purpose of this article is to analyze and present the current state of demographic science of the
Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of current economic and political challenges. The study examined
the main stages of demographic research development in Kazakhstan in the XX c and during the years of
Independence; the historical reasons for the absence of a national scientific school of demography; the
accumulated scientific potential; theoretical and practical prerequisites for the implementation of a longterm
demographic strategy; mechanisms for socio-economic nudging the birth rate and demographic
growth, as well as the impact on the economic development of the country. It is expected that the review
will provide an understanding of the current situation and objectives of development of demographic
research in Kazakhstan, the role of long-term demographic policy in the economic development of the
country to create a scientific base for research in the field of demography, and will provide impetus to
scientific research in the population economics


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