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1The German experience in the organization of public procurement10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-203-209
  • Reidolda S.
2020 NUMBER 1
2Assessment of the potential of the clustering system of regional economies10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-8-15
  • Abdyrov T. S.
  • Dosmaganbetov N. S.
2020 NUMBER 1
3History of development and gas industry features in Norway and the Kingdom of the Netherlands10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-16-25
  • Imangozhina Z. A.
2020 NUMBER 1
4Current state, factors and ways of innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-26-40
  • Mugayeva R.
  • Ryspekova M.
  • Uchkampirova A.
  • Nurpeissova A.
2020 NUMBER 1
5Methods of evaluation the innovative potential in the companies10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-41-51
  • Rakhmetulina Z. B.
  • Auelbekova A. K.
2020 NUMBER 1
6Studies of the dynamics of the financial crisis using numerical models10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-139-148
  • Mukushev A.
  • Mukushev B.
  • Adilbekova B.
  • Korabayev B.
2020 NUMBER 1
7Key aspects of Russian accounting of foreign currency transactions10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-192-202
  • Leontieva Z.
  • Zaugarova E.
2020 NUMBER 1
8The impact of financial stability of the banking sector on economic growth10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-158-164
  • Yesenova G. Z.
  • Zagypar G.
  • Khamitkhan N.
2020 NUMBER 1
9Economic content of the state budget policy10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-121-129
  • Bitoleuova Y.
  • Zhussupov R. S.
2020 NUMBER 1
10Islamic finance: formation features and its possibility of financing small and medium enterprises10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-108-120
  • Arzaeva M.
  • Barbossyn A.
  • Supugaliyeva G.
2020 NUMBER 1
11Islamic finance: formation features and its possibility of financing small and medium enterprises10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-108-120
  • Arzaeva M.
  • Barbossyn A.
  • Supugaliyeva G.
2020 NUMBER 1
12A vision of innovative civil service through the lenses of state and business10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-52-62
  • Amirova A.
2020 NUMBER 1
13Methodological aspects of state audit10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-165-180
  • Alibekova B. A.
  • Beisenova L.
2020 NUMBER 1
14Intellectual potential as a factor of the state economy development10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-89-98
  • Sanalieva L.
  • Issayeva B.
  • Akhmetova G.
2020 NUMBER 1
15Innovative start-ups are the basis of economic development10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-99-107
  • Satybaldy K.
2020 NUMBER 1
16Evolution of models of integrated marketing communications in restaurant business10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-221-229
  • Smykova M. R.
  • Rakhmanova A.
2020 NUMBER 1
17Application and prospects of blockchain technology in the financial sector10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-149-157
  • Syzdykova A.
  • Abubakirova A.
2020 NUMBER 1
18The teory of Scientific Research on Innovation in the Tourism Industry10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-230-240
  • Tukibayeva K. B.
  • Zhanseitova G.
  • Bakirbekova A.
2020 NUMBER 1
19Issues of conducting system analysis according to the financial statements10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-210-220
  • Utibaev B.
  • Akhmetova D.
2020 NUMBER 1
20Transformation of the Public Administration system in the regions of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-63-72
  • Yesbergen R.
  • Shamisheva N.
2020 NUMBER 1
21Risk management in the financing of ICO projects: prospects for the use of modern technologies in Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-73-88
  • Yessentemirov A.
  • Baibussinova G.
  • Talasbek M.
2020 NUMBER 1
22Financial support for small businesses10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-130-138
  • Zholamanova M. T.
  • Zhamiyeva A. E.
2020 NUMBER 1
23Conducting a state environmental audit at industrial enterprises of the Karaganda region10.32523/2079-620X-2020-1-181-191
  • Zhupysheva A.
  • Makysh S.
2020 NUMBER 1