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1Interaction of science, production and education in kazakhstani state universities10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-8-18
  • Myrzakhmet M. K.
  • Begimbay K. M.
  • Idrisova A. R.
  • Rotnova V.
  • Kanalina A.

2018 NUMBER 1
2The economic effect of the EXPO exhibitions in foreign countries and Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-19-29
  • Baizholova R. A.
  • Kaldarbek B. K.

2018 NUMBER 1
3Modern situation and problems of development agriculture10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-29-37
  • Zhumanova M. K.
  • Kusainov K. K.
  • Kusainova L. I.
  • Eszhanova E. Z.

2018 NUMBER 1
4Labour migration and remittances: strategy for survival or development?10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-37-48
  • Kurmanov N. A.

2018 NUMBER 1
5 Current condition of the air transport market in Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-48-62
  • Madiyarova D. M.
  • Bazikenova A. E.

2018 NUMBER 1
6The market of information-communication technologies in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the current stage10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-62-73
  • Maidyrova A. B.

2018 NUMBER 1
7The development of a complex of renewable energy sources is one of the ways to develop the fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-73-80
  • Hoych A.
  • Bigalimov M. E.

2018 NUMBER 1
8 Financing of innovative activity as the factor of economic development of the state.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-81-86
  • Boztay A. B.

2018 NUMBER 1
9Stabilization of the budget system of Kazakhstan and policy of fiscal decentralization аs a factor of economic growth.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-86-98
  • Kuchukova N. K.

2018 NUMBER 1
10 Corporate reporting in the field of sustainable development10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-99-106
  • Alibekova B. A.
  • Beisenova L. Z.
  • Shakharova A. E.

2018 NUMBER 1
11Features of the organization of accounting and tax accounting10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-107-114
  • Kasimbek A. R.
  • Zhumataeva B. A.

2018 NUMBER 1
12The importance of introducing the concept of sustainable development in the activities of modern economic entity10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-115-121
  • Nikiforova E. V.

2018 NUMBER 1
13Methodological approaches to the analysis of sustainability indicators of economic entities10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-121-128
  • Schneider O. V.

2018 NUMBER 1
14Features of the development of the tourist cluster in the border region: The Australian road10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-129-139
  • Yeshenkulova G. I.
  • Gizzatzhanova A. G.
  • Kussainova A. K.

2018 NUMBER 1
15 Main directions of using internet marketing tools for promotion of hotel services10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-139-146
  • Omurzakov A. T.

2018 NUMBER 1
16Modern management system of personnel in hotel business10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-147-159
  • Mutaliyeva L. M.
  • Flek A. A.

2018 NUMBER 1
17Topical issues of the management of innovation economy of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-1-160-166
  • Turmakhanbetova S. S.

2018 NUMBER 1