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1Determinants of Export Sophistication for Kazakhstan: A DestinationBased Approach10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-8-21
  • Amirbek A.
  • Makhanov K.

2018 NUMBER 2
2Interaction of science, production and education in kazakhstani private Universities10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-21-31
  • Myrzakhmet M. K.
  • Akhmaeva L.
  • Borissova V.
  • Kabi K.

2018 NUMBER 2
3 International experience of state audit implementation10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-32-37
  • Karabayev E. B.
  • Mukushev T. B.

2018 NUMBER 2
4Current state of international tourism10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-38-43
  • Akimov Z. M.

2018 NUMBER 2
5The role and importance of city tourism in modern tourist industry10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-44-50
  • Podsukhina O. V.
  • Mussina K. P.

2018 NUMBER 2
6Analysis of the formation of incomes and expenditures of the republican budget of Kazakhstan.10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-51-59
  • Zhussupova A. K.
  • Meirembayeva D.
  • Beisembayeva A.

2018 NUMBER 2
7The Public Council of The Republic of Kazakhstan: the present state and future prospects10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-60-65
  • Bakatova Z. E.

2018 NUMBER 2
8 Application of the geoinformation system of management on the example of the city of Almaty10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-65-71
  • Kaziyev B. N.
  • Martynov L. M.

2018 NUMBER 2
9Systematization of approaches and methods for assessing the feasibility of innovative projects for the creation of aerospace engineering in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2018-2-72-80
  • Martynov L. M.
  • Samidenov S. A.

2018 NUMBER 2