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1Foreign experience of technological modernization of industry10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-8-16
  • Alimbayev A. A.
  • Filyuk G. M.
  • Kenesheva G. A.

2019 NUMBER 2
2Theoretical aspects of the typology of struggling regions10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-17-25
  • Aryn E. M.

2019 NUMBER 2
3Human capital as an important benchmark for the development of Kazakhstan’s economy10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-26-32
  • Gimranova R. R.
  • Aimagambetov E. B.

2019 NUMBER 2
4 Economic bases of technical equipment upgrading in the agro-industrial complex 10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-33-41
  • Kashakova G. A.
  • Rustembaev B. E.

2019 NUMBER 2
5 The development of Slovakia’s foreign trade and the role of small and medium-sized businesses in its formation 10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-42-55
  • Kashtyakova E.

2019 NUMBER 2
6Analysis of environmental expenditure in Kazakhstan 10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-56-66
  • Baizholova R. A.
  • Orynkanova Z. M.

2019 NUMBER 2
7The Effects of External Debts on Economic Growth in Transition Economies10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-67-77
  • Syzdykova A.
  • Abubakirova A.
  • Kelesbayev D.

2019 NUMBER 2
8Features of the formation of the state environmental audit system in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-78-88
  • Zhupysheva A. O.
  • Makysh S. B.

2019 NUMBER 2
9Problems of financial analysis in tourist organizations 10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-89-98
  • Konuspayev R. K.
  • Demessinov T. Z.

2019 NUMBER 2
10Financial analysis and assessment of solvency of subsidiary of joint stock company « Bank VTB (Kazakhstan)»10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-99-106
  • Bulakbay Z. M.
  • Bekova M. K.

2019 NUMBER 2
11Finansing mining industry10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-107-113
  • Zhagyparova A. O.
  • Nauryzbekova D. A.

2019 NUMBER 2
12 Analysis of competitiveness of insurance organizations of the republic of Kazakhstan .10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-114-123
  • Zhusupova A. K.
  • Nurmagambetova M. K.

2019 NUMBER 2
13The financial climate for the development of small and medium businesses in Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-124-132
  • Makysh S. B.
  • Uruzbayeva N. A.

2019 NUMBER 2
14Main trends and indicators of the investment process in the Republic of Kazakhstan 10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-133-139
  • Malelova B. T.

2019 NUMBER 2
15 Innovative potential of entrepreneurial structures: the concept, approaches and methods of its design10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-140-152
  • Sadenova A. M.
  • Rakhimova S. A.

2019 NUMBER 2
16Innovations in the personnel training of the highest professional qualifications for universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2079-620X-2019-2-153-163
  • Uvaleeva Z. B.

2019 NUMBER 2