Forms of budget support for agricultural enterprises

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  • R. Sarbassova L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University image/svg+xml
  • A. Nurumov L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University image/svg+xml
  • G. Yessenova Private institution "Center of Pedagogical Excellence"



agriculture, budget support, subsidies, agricultural formation, financing of agriculture, forms of budget support


As an important food security industry in the country, agriculture needs government regulation and financial support to be high-performance and competitive. The purpose of using budgetary forms of support is to stimulate the development of the industry, increase the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises, improve the social well-being of the population and solve other socio-economic problems. This article considers the forms of budgetary support for agriculture, analyzes their current condition and gives recommendations for their improvement.

According to the forms of budget support, the points of view of domestic and foreign authors are presented, as well as the forms of budget support operating in the country. On the basis of official statistics, a comparative assessment of the dynamics of agricultural products, the share of agricultural products of Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries in the gross domestic product is carried out, the dynamics of budgetary allocations for the country's agriculture, the volume and structure of subsidies and its impact on the development of agriculture are estimated. Among the main problems that need to be solved are indicators of equal access of budget funds to all producers and the effectiveness of the funds provided. Support of agricultural enterprises from the budget, parallel use of a number of support tools will increase the share of the industry in the economy.


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Sarbassova Р., Nurumov А., & Yessenova Г. (2024). Forms of budget support for agricultural enterprises. ECONOMIC Series of the Bulletin of the L N Gumilyov ENU, (2), 233–251.