The use of neuromarketing research to assess digital medical services

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  • M. Smykova Almaty Management University
  • Е. Оrazgaliyeva Almaty Management University



neuromarketing research, digital service, innovation, medical services, quality


The development of innovative research methods expands the possibilities for studying various types of services, including digital ones. Assessment of the quality and level of development of digital services and their compliance with the expectations of patients in medicine is an important aspect for the image component of medical institutions. One of the tools for evaluating a digital service is neuromarketing.

Purpose of the research is to identify the possibilities, prospects and ways of applying neuromarketing research to evaluate the digital service of medical institutions.

The research is the analysis of theoretical sources of foreign and domestic authors. Cabinet and field studies were used. Desk studies were conducted in the form of analysis of secondary information sources, mainly on theoretical sources. Field studies were conducted in the form of an expert assessment.

Comparative analysis has shown that neuromarketing research has a number of advantages compared to classical marketing methods, such as the ability to determine the indirect reaction of consumers and the emotional message when testing a digital service. Special attention is also paid to the potential of using neuromarketing research in the areas of digital medicine. At the same time, based on the analysis, it is determined which methods of neuromarketing research can be effectively used for each digital service and what results we can get.

Within the framework of the study, the directions of evaluation of digital service by medical institutions using neuromarketing were identified, which will allow us to understand how to improve the platforms and what adjustments can be made. Based on the expert assessment on the possibilities of using neuromarketing research in the service sector, an IFAS analysis was conducted, which is a generalized analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of internal factors in the application of neuromarketing.


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