Improving the personnel management system in the context of digital transformation

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  • E. Alimkhankyzy Almaty Management University



digital transformation, information technology, process management, personnel, personnel management system, digital competencies, knowledge management


The challenges associated with adjusting to the demands of the digital economy for governments, citizens, and businesses present a range of issues necessitating thorough examination and solution-finding. Organizational process management requires a reevaluation to facilitate the digitization of operations and integrate businesses into the digital economic landscape at both national and global levels. Furthermore, the digitalization of personnel management necessitates a reassessment of HR functions to introduce and utilize new tools, enabling the digital transformation of workforce management systems.

In the era of societal digitalization, proficiency in digital skills and competencies has become essential. Information literacy, encompassing effective search engine utilization, mastery of search operators, and the ability to swiftly locate credible information sources, forms the cornerstone. Additionally, adeptness in collecting pertinent data and conducting research based on extensive digital datasets is crucial. Categorizing modern employee skills into Hard-skills, Soft-skills, Digital-skills, and Power-skills provides a framework for implementing competency-based approaches in human resources development within organizations operating in the digital economy sphere.

The study aims to analyze and establish clear criteria for assessing project effectiveness, outlining the regulatory framework governing costs and revenues related to enhancing personnel management systems across enterprises of diverse industries, sizes, and profiles. Moreover, the authors aim to identify pivotal aspects and challenging scenarios encountered in economic assessments and decision-making processes regarding project financing and implementation.


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